BluEgg 33

Ready turnkey business - publishing of an advertising magazine under BluEgg license in your city with regular income of more than $5500 per month


Turnkey business

Create unique lucrative business in your city with the income more than $5500 per month

Interactive magazine

Advertising in a magazine containing a video clip? images gallery? receipt of payments in real time mode? a scratch card with prize drawing? application and contact us form? and many others that you don't expect from print advertising?

Yes, you aren't mistaken! With BluEgg technologies the print advertising steps up on a totally new level becoming really interactive.

BluEgg offers for interested entrepreneurs the opportunity to become an owner of a highly profitable, fast-payback and simple in realization business on the basis of the most advanced advertising technologies: publishing of an interactive magazine-catalogue of coupons, discounts, special offers and sales: "BluEgg 33"

Business concept

The interactive magazine-catalogue "BluEgg 33" contains 33 best city deals: the best offers from local advertising companies, special offers, discounts, promos and sales. It is published in the form of a leaflet and contains only 33 advertising space. on the one hand the limited advertising space allows having low 1 catalogue production cost - only $0,10 per issue. On the other hand, the limited offer stimulates advertisers placing advertisements in the catalogue.

Every advertising space of the catalogue contains BluEgg platform’s QR code leading to the corresponding mobile coupon. To get access to the mobile coupon, the catalogue user needs to scan the corresponding QR code with the help of his mobile phone, smartphone or tablet camera. The mobile coupon functionality considerably extends the print advertising functionality and brings it to a whole new level by adding multimedia, interactivity and unique shopping experience for consumers. The advertisers get the opportunity to present effectively their offer and even receipt online payments in real time mode directly from the catalogue. It is published once per month and free distributed or displayed in public places..

License type: Exclusive
Income: from 165 000 roubles/month
Profitability: from 60%
Mobile coupons included: 100/month
Technology support: QR
Layouts included: 12
Platform: BluEgg code
Reporting: available

Global trends on mobile technologies market

The mobile technologies market is growing rapidly, more and more people start actively using smartphones and tablets. Yesterday such niches didn’t even exist but today terrific possibilities are opening for a new business. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to create a business using the most advanced contact marketing technologies. Here are just a few trends.

30% of smartphone users are ready to scan QR codes to get a discount
38% of the world's media activity goes via smartphones
40% of the customers leaving your store could be returned with the help of mobile technology
41% of Internet search queries are related to local companies
47% of all mobile phones in the world are smartphones (1,9 from 4 billions). All of them are equipped with QR codes scanners
49% of mobile website visits lead to a deal
60% of purchases via smartphones are made from home
62% of smartphone owners want to be able to call directly from the site
73% of smartphone users visit social networks daily
78% of visitors leave the site immediately if it is not adapted to their mobile device
Almost all mobiles platforms are equipped with QR codes scanners
120% of Ukrainian inhabitants have got mobile phones
and 162% of Russian inhabitants

Unique advantages

Absence of competitionhe license is offered on exclusive conditions, in other words it can be only 1 partner in 1 city. In your city you will be the only owner of unique BluEgg interactive advertising technologies. It’s almost guaranteed that you won’t have any competitors in this business segment in any city of the world.

Niche competitiveness You can issue Blu Egg33 catalogue in more than 15 highly competitive niches. Select one or several themes which is closer to your interests or which most popular in your city. Here are just some of them: 1) Universal edition, 2) Clothes. Shoes. Accessories, 3) Fitness. Health.Leisure, 4) Tourism. Voyages. Tickets, 5) Technique. Electronics. Connection, 6) Restaurants. Cafe. Entertainment, 7) Garden. Yard. Farm, 8) Kids goods, 9) Household items, 10) Services for you, 11) Repair. Construction. Design, 12) Flats. New buildings. Cottages, 13) Auto, 14) Welcome. Services for guests, 15) Jewellery. Watches. Necklaces. Contact sales department to get a complete list.

Business for any city The coupons catalogue BluEgg 33 can be successfully published in a city of any dimensions: from a small town to a multi-million metropolis. Select the topic you need

High profitabilityMonthly income of only one successfully working magazine-catalogue BluEgg 33 is more than 165000 roubles per month.

Return on sales more than 60% This unique advertising business concept of the magazine- catalogue BluEgg 33 allows getting a fabulous level of sales return, more than 60%, that could be hardly achieved with traditional magazines publishing.

Affordable affiliation price You can get a unique turnkey business on highly favourable conditions. The partner license (affiliation) price is only from $1000 to $9500 (one-time) and monthly payment is $130. You can save if you pay at once for a year of a platform using, in this case yearly payment will be $1100 (you save $500). The cost of one-time payment depends on the city population. You can precise the license price for your city in the form given below by selecting a country and entering a city name.

Focus on local advertisersLocal advertisers of your city are interested in attracting new clients and increasing sales. These are the tasks, the concept of the interactive magazine-catalogue of coupons, discounts and sales BluEgg 33 is oriented on.

Your exclusive offering The magazine-catalogue BluEgg 33 contains only 33 advertising spaces, it makes your advertising offer unique and much-in-demand among local advertisers. The right sales policy may lead to considerable demand growing among advertisers, so that they will have to put their names on the list to get in the magazine-catalogue BluEgg 33

Low conversion cost Traditional full-color magazines are known by their high printing cost as a rule not less than $1-2 per issue. That’s why the publishing of 10 000 circulation copies will cost a fortune. Some magazines and newspapers indicate intentionally the fabulous circulation. Our unique concept allows the full-color interactive magazine-catalogue BluEgg 33 having exclusively low conversion cost: with 10 000 circulation, one issue will cost $0.10.

Ready turnkey business BluEgg 33 partner, within the partner package range, gets a unique business concept and all prerequisites for its realization: fully made-up and ready for printing magazine-catalogue layout, as well as the technological platform allowing to create mobile coupons with discounts and special offers, the analytics platform allowing to get statistics, reports and show them to the clients.

Work simplicity Unlike the publishing of traditional magazines and catalogues, the publishing of the BluEgg magazine-catalogue of coupons is utterly simple. To create mobile coupons, you will use online designer allowing to create attractive, colorful, multimedia and interactive mobile coupons for just a few minutes using more than 3 000 prefabricated graphic items and modules. The process of layout setting is also simplified as you will use a file ready for printing. To design a magazine, you need to have the basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. You can also order us to design a turnkey layout of a magazine, the price for this kind of service is 700 roubles per 1 issue.

Work at home!! It’s great if you have an office but it’s not a problem if you don’t. You can run your business from home because all you need is a phone, computer and Internet!

Business replicability If you master 1 publication per month, you will be able to make more theme-based publications like, for example, “Fitness, health and beauty”, “Goods for Home” and others. Each additional publication will multiply your income. The publication of 10 theme-based magazines is a very serious business with over half a million dollars yearly turnover! Every publication requires an additional license which the actual partners can purchase for a special price of only $500, one-time payment regardless city population

How much can you make

Pricing: The partner has the right to set his own pricing for the advertising coupon distributing in his city. The recommended price is $300 per month for 1 advertising space. This monthly payment is affordable for the most part of the Russian regions and allows coming fast on the market, assuming that the average cost of 1 advertisement page in the advertising magazines is usually $500 - $1 000. Eventually, you will be able to increase the price. As the advertising space in 1 magazine-catalogue is limited, there are only 33, each of them is especially valuable for advertisers and this value will increase according to you business progress. It’s possible to set a lower price for an advertising space in the regions with lower income level.

Page layout: You can create the page layout of the magazine by yourself, ask your friends or freelancers for help, or order us the professional page layout. 1 catalogue publication created by our layout designers will cost you 7000 roubles.

Circulation: The recommended magazine-catalogue circulation is 10% of the city population. Preferably not less than 5 000-1 000 issues. It’s up to the partner to find the art printing office in his city and put the catalogue into print .

Frequency: The recommended frequency is monthly. Eventually, the number of publications can be increased

Distribution: It’s recommended to distribute the magazine-catalogue with promoters, promoting the magazine in the most visited places of the city: distributing in the busy streets in the centre of the city, near the subways entrances and public transport stops, in front of the shopping malls, displaying in the cafes, business centers, high schools, and etc. Approximate distribution expenses: 6 promoters*500 roubles a day*5 days = 15 000 roubles

Profit calculation:

+ Profit from sales: 33 advertising cites*5000 roubles/one site = 165 000 roubles for one issue.

- Expenses: 1) Expenses: 7000 roubles 2)Edition price: 10000 copies*3 roubles = 30 000 roubles. 3) Expenses for distribution - 15 000 roubles.

= Profit from sales: 165 000 roubles - 30 000 roubles - 15 000 roubles - 7000 roubles = 113 000 roubles a month.

- Sole tax - 6% from profit, 165 000 roubles *0,06 tax rate = 9 900 roubles.

= Profit after tax fee: 113 000 - 9900 roubles = 103 100 roubles a month.

х12 Annual profit: 165000 roubles*12 months = 1 980 000 roubles (nearly 66 thousand USD), annual profit: 103 100 roubles *12 months= 1 237 200 roubles(nearly 40000 USD).

Modes of profit increase: Unique business concept allows getting profit from each edition, and replicate business in frames of one city. There is at least 5 modes to increase sales. 1) Decrease expenses at the account of independent performance of lay-outs and catalogue distribution. 2) Increase the amount of issues a month, 3) Increase the price for advertisement site, 4) Do several issues in different districts, 5) Get additional licenses for theme magazines catalogues issues: construction, children goods etc.

х10 Issue of 10 theme catalogues of BluEgg 33. Annual profit: $66000*10 issues = $660 000 per year. Annual profit: $40000*10 issues = $400 000 per year. It is quite a serious buainess

What is included in the license

1 exclusive license partner will offer you:

! Access to partner's personal cabinet Access to all packages: publishers, commercial, training, contact bases conducting, post, блокнот, база знаний по всем важным аспектам бизнеса, обучение по видеоконференц связи, обращение в службу поддержки

1 The right to publish the catalogue under the license and BluEgg trademark in your city on exclusive conditions( license for 3 years, 30 000 copies a month)

2 Publishers package 12 brand packages of catalogue magazine: full set for a year**, ready for printing for 33 advertising sites

3 Commercial package Media kit, commercial offers for clients, samples of agreements for advertisers with the set of applications. more than 30 advertisements materials which you can edit without Adobe Photoshop, CV cards

4 Training package Sales book of BluEgg33 partner, more than 170 pages of step-by-step information on business launching, scripts of personal and phone conversations and sales, FAQ, all principal business moments, sales vide training, concerning the work with publishing applications.

5 Access to the "BluEgg code" platform allowing to create 100 mobile coupons per month*

6 Access to the analytics platform allowing to view reports and statistics of mobile coupons viewing in real time mode

7 Access to SMS marketing platform allowing to provide innovation services in the sphere of SMS marketing****.

+ Bonus 1 Personal training 2 hours of video connection, training concerning "BluEgg code platform" and main aspects of business, assistance during first month of work

+ Bonus 2 25% off the BluEgg code partner license purchasing in the same city (active during 7 working days)

+ Bonus 3 25% off for partner license purchase BluEgg. The territory of discounts in the same city(active during 7 working days)

+ Bonus 4 Coupon for advertising at Google Adwords for new client

* 100 active mobile coupons a month.Why are there 33 advertising spaces but 100 mobile coupons? First, to create some coupons, for example, scratch cards, bonus programs, image galleries, you will need more that 1 coupon. Second, the catalogue life-circle may exceed one month so all codes must be active. That is the reason why coupon code must be active and available not less than 2 months if an advertiser pays for his participation in 1 publication. Secondly, the catalogue life -time can exceed a month, though the codes should be working ones. That is why when advertiser pays participation in one issue, the code with coupon should be active and available not less than 2 months

** 12 lay-outs, the 3 of which you get right after license purchase, you get the remaining 9 ones by 1 layout a month within 9 months.

*** The partner should independently register PE or LLC status in accordance with his country legislation requirements

**** The SMS packages are purchased separately. You have to conclude separate agreement for this service.

Inside the "BluEgg code" platform

Can I do this?

Company “BluEgg” is oriented firstly for working with acting advertisement agencies.

But we are also ready to check the options with companies or entrepreneurs, interested to come to their city market with fresh and efficient business idea.

Entrepreneurs without experience in the sphere of advertising sales, especially beginners entrepreneurs ask themselves a question “Can I do this? Can I manage doing this?"

Well -developed business concept and organized training will provide the option of business quick launching for those entrepreneurs who didn’t have the same experience before..

Here, we cite the feedbacks from some our partners, which do not constantly deal with mobile and advertising business but passed the training in frames of BluEgg 33 project launching

Valeriy, Stavropolye region: "Taking into account that advertising business is something new to me, I have made some success in it and the success is rather great. I understood a lot of matters, especially the ones related to pricing formation stucture. Besides this, we have developed the matters of team creation, sales department structure and performance. Moreover, I got answers on all issues I was interested at. Really appreciated for detailed and efficient training".

Sergey, Volgograd region: "After getting main materials on BluEgg implementation, we had been impatiently waiting for training. Of course I know general sales aspects but I would like to know more about our interactive business specificity and ways of its offering. During the process of learning BluEgg platform and sales methods I became more sure about correctness of my choice of BluEgg business. The platform is rather complex for understanding for a beginner, but the person who knows PC quite well is quite understandable and user friendly. As I may judge the sales process takes into account practically all possible aspects, is quite handy and quite understandable if desired. I am grateful to entire BluEgg team for wonderful product, good knowledge of the subject and good presentation of educational material. Moreover, I am grateful for readiness to help in case of necessity "

Denis, Moscow region: "Dear BluEgg 33 project developers, I would like to thank you on my behalf and on the behalf of our customers (advertisers) for: 1) the project itself - very interesting business offer both for your and our partners. 2) Sales book! The book preface doesn’t lie, the book contains answers on ALL issues related to this project, teaches all, business communication skills and other appropriate matters (including appearance and mood). 3) Your respectful attitude towards your managers and agents.."

Valeriy, Stavropol region: "Today I passed training concerning BluEgg platform. The training is very informative and good for understanding. the platform is very convenient for advertising activity conducting. Mobile coupons have a great future. One hour will be enough for platform understanding. The training is done on high methodical level with the usage of innovational technologies. We got detailed answers on all questions arising during the course of training"

Yuriy, Chuvashia Republic: «I had been searching for new options, and here it is, I have recently started learning BluEgg. I should admit that I was a little bit scared at the beginning on the matters how it works and will it be OK. Now I became more sure about it. The more I plunge into it the more I want. Now there is no way back. I would like to say: "We need the world and all world will be ok!!"

Price of license

License is offered on exclusive basis only, i.e. 1 city can have only one partner for each universal or theme issue. Select catalogue topic, which suits your needs. the cost of one exclusive theme license varies from $1500 to $4500 per year, depending on city amount. It is simply 2,2% from planned business turnover. No monthly payments. the fee of exclusive license for universal issue + 20% to specified cost.

Become partner! Join “BluEgg33” media network"

Select your country, your city to check license availability, then press “Check” button
Your name:
Your surname:
Specify the themes of the catalogue, you are interested at:

How to become partner

In you are interested in additional information check our commercial proposal for partners. You can also visit our free webinar about business, where we will speak about perspectives of doing business with BluEgg 33 ( register now, seats are limited. We will be glad to answer your questions, asked using feed-back form. Use our Skype account for on-line consultation.

You can check annual license fee for your city using check form in previous section. Check the license availability for theme issues. Than fill in and send application form, having specified the BluEgg33 catalogue themes, you are interested at. Hurry up to take the best market segments in your city, book license purchase now..

We will be glad to see you among our successful partners!

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